Maccabees Traders

Maccabees Traders
Asian Fusion Restaurant
Veggie spring rolls, steamed pork buns & drunken noodles served in stylish, traditional surrounds.
5057 Woodward Ave, Detroit, MI 48202
 (313) 831-9311

Hi there. Been a while since I posted. Busy, busy, busy with school and my internship. I miss posing to you all.

So, Sunday we went to Maccabees Traders on Woodward. I am bummed I missed this place for so long. Outstanding food. The Bar buns were incredible: Crispy Brussels sprouts and avocado tossed in sriracha mayo, green onion, hoisin sauce. Yum. The bread was soft and plain but it allowed the flavor of the fillings to shine, and shine they did. At $8 for two it was a nice appetizer. The also have crispy salt & pepper tofu (V/G) buns with peppers, cilantro, rice powder for $7, roasted duck buns with green onion, hoisin sauce for $9 and chili & lime glazed tiger shrimp buns with green onion, sriracha mayo, hoisin sauce for $9. A definite must try.

The Tom Kha was also quite good. not your usual Tom Kha this was made with spicy coconut, lime & lemongrass broth with carrot, parsnip & sweet potato for a spicy, slightly sweet bowl that was a real pleasure.

For our entree we each got a rice bowl. I had the sesame fried rice bowl with crispy salt & pepper tofu (V) and a fried egg on top. At $7 for the bowl and $2 for the added tofu it was reasonably priced and I could not finish the bowl.

John had the coconut jasmine rice bowl with a fried egg. He chose not to have the tofu, but felt he would next time. It felt a little lacking, but at $6 was very reasonable.

I was very pleased with the meal. The food was done nicely, presented quickly and just enough of a fusion that I felt I was eating somewhere fun and new.

Well worth the trip. I will be back. I have to have the drunken noodles…go ahead… google them and look at the menu. You will be enticed as was I.


Parks & Rec- End of Summer

The Grand Army of the Republic Building
1942 Grand River Avenue
Detroit, MI — 48226

Once again we visited Parks & Rec in the GAR building. It is a different eatery every time we go. The menu changes with the seasons and utilizes the best produce available in the area. The menu is fresh, innovative, delightful and always pleasing.

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Biscuit Head

823 S. Church St., Unit C, Greenville, S.C.

While on vacation a few weeks ago we stopped for breakfast at one of the most unique and amazing places. Biscuit Head. The menu is based on biscuit. The huge, fluffy addicting kind they make only in the South.

This place was simply wonderful. Biscuit carb heaven!! Everything was just amazing. I will just list the yumminess. If you are ever in Greenville, S.C. or Asheville, N.C. DO NOT MISS this place for breakfast. You will not be disappointed.

Need I say more…I don’t think I do. Just try it. And then take a nap.

Detroit Vegan Soul

Detroit Vegan Soul (EAST)
8029 Agnes St.
Detroit, MI — 48214

Detroit Vegan Soul is one of our favorite spots and I cannot believe I have never blogged about it. AND I just discovered they have a second location coming soon on 19614 Grand River Ave.Detroit, MI — 48223.

The food is amazing. The space on Agnes is pretty small but it is so worth the wait if you have to. This visit we started with the Black-eyed Pea Hummus (GF w/o pita). Creamy black-eyed pea hummus dip served with cucumbers, pita, olives, and pickled beets. It was really good. Much deeper, richer, savory flavor than chickpea hummus.

John hd the Soul Platter which includes Mac-n-cheese, tenderly smoked collards, maple glazed yams, black-eyed peas and a cornbread muffin. The collards are to die for. I asked the waiter how they were prepared and became out with a list of ingredients from the chef. Amazing. And the mac-n-Cheese. No words.

I had the Cesar Chavez salad of Romaine lettuce, capers, rosemary garlic croutons with house-made creamy Cesar dressing. I had them ad the grilled tempeh which was seasoned just perfectly and the dressing was outstanding.

PJ’s Lager House

1254 Michigan Ave, Detroit MI 48226(313) 961-4668

OH MY GOD. Where has PJ’s been for the last 10 years? Well, right here in Detroit on Michigan Ave. THIS is my new favorite spot. From the outside you look at it and cringe slightly and wonder if you have the wrong place. They could not possibly serve vegetarian food, let alone vegan food at this spot. But they do. And it is awesome.

I had the Tofu Bahn Mi and it was yummy as heck. Marinated and deep fried tofu triangles served over lettuce, house made cucumber, carrot& jalapeno slaw and topped with homemade peanut sauce & chopped red peppers. Served on an open faced toasted bolillo bun with veganaise. The tofu was chewy and savory and the slaw was tangy and slightly spicy. I had the sweet potato fries and they were very well done, as in just bout perfect.

John had the Veggarito. Vegan! Poblano Spanish rice, shredded lettuce, pinto & black beans, pico de gallo, spices, avocado & vegan queso. Spicy or mild and huge, I tell ya, YUGE. It was a lot of burrito and John pronounced it very good.

The beer was awesome and draft and cold and, yeah, what more can I say about beer.

We met PJ and were regaled with stories from over the years. He bought the place in 2007 I believe he said. There are two rooms. One where there are tables and the bar and a room where the bands play and  is plastered with music posters. We spent more than a few minutes looking at them all. There is also a patio outside.

PJ regaled us with stories from the past and you will have to ask him his Jimmy Hoffa story. I won’t steal his thunder here. And downstairs there is a record store and upstairs one of the coolest AirBNB places I have seen in a while. YES. You can rent the upstairs and just wander down for music, brews and vegetarian food. HOW COOL IS THAT!!!

I cannot say enough cool things about PJ’s from the bar vibe to the history to the food. You must visit PJ’s Lager House.

The food was so exciting, I forgot to take pictures before we started noshing. Ooooopppps. (not sorry either).