Vegginini’s Paradise Cafe

15429 Mack Ave, Detroit, Michigan 48224, United States
(313) 332-0447

All I can say is oh WOW! What a find. Where have you been Vegginini’s? Right in my backyard! I found this place just doing my regular weekly search for new places to eat and up it popped. If I told you how may times I have been by this place on my way to Sierra Station on Mack, I would have to hide my head in shame. But now that I have found you I will be a regular visitor.

There are a few small tables inside to eat at and it looks like they do a big carry-out business and you can order from GrubHub too. John and I ordered from one of the owners sons and although the wait was a tad long. You place your order via microphone and a security window, maybe a bit off-setting if you are not a regular in the D. I didn’t mind one bit. The owner looked to be the only one in the back cooking so I didn’t mind the wait. 

The menu is very full with a ton of options from black bean burger to Tahcos and Vegan Chili Cheese Fries and Vegan Lasagna and so much more. OH, did I forget to mention the food is totally VEGAN!!!!! Again, VEGAN!!! 

I had the Meatless Ball Sub and the Chili Cheese Fries while John had the Curried Veggies and Rice with a Black Bean Bowl. The sub was great. The bread was chewy and fresh while the meatless balls were soft and flavorful with a delicious tomato and herb sauce. Amazing. The Chili Cheese Fries had very SPICY black beans and the fries were perfect. John’s curry was spicy and the rice was awesome. The black beans were again, amazing.

The owner sent out two Ginger & Lemon teas for us to sample with crushed ice. WOW. Sweet and gingery and cool and slushy. I could have had 2-3 glasses. I will be back multiple times, and so should you. DO NOT be put off by the ragged appearance of the building. Inside is amazing and wonderful food from people who care about cooking good food.




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